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Unified Communications and Collaboration

+OneX caters for a wide range of collaboration solutions, from simple PABX to full enterprise communication platforms and for on premises to all in the cloud enabling cost effective communications between your staff, customers, and supply chain. We also provide sophisticated unified communication solutions integrating voice, video, messaging, and web collaboration applications which speeds up business processes, improve your time to market and make your valuable staff more productive.

With a proven track record in the Enterprise, Mid-Market and upper-end Small Medium Enterprise markets, our company leads the market with its solutions engineering approach. This enables organisations improve their productivity and reduce costs through easy-to-deploy solutions that work within existing IT environments and systems delivering operational efficiencies with an approach resulting in our clients being the real beneficiaries.

Collaboration is evolving

Technology is evolving all the time and it is paramount that businesses keep up with the latest tech to remain relevant and one step ahead.

We also provide sophisticated unified communication solutions integrating voice, video, messaging, and web collaboration applications which speeds up business processes, improves your time to market and makes your valuable staff more productive.


Telephony and fax – encompasses a range of business telephony systems and platforms that include traditional pabx and handsets all the way through to advanced ip communication solutions.

Unified communications – unified communications connects people, information and teams enabling our customers to better collaborate with their customers, co-workers, partners and vendors – all off a single network infrastructure using any device, anywhere, any time.

Video- and tele-conferencing – a range of video- and tele-conferencing solutions allowing our customers to conference in an inexpensive and green environmentally friendly way; without ever leaving their desks.

Mobility – mobility solutions offer customers the benefit from the growing trend in business where employees bring their own devices to the workplace.  This enables mobile workers to be more productive anywhere through the extended corporate network.

Presence – as with the growing trend in mobility, our solutions incorporate presence, which has begun to play an ever more important role in business when collaborating with others. The use of a “presence state” to indicate to other availability and willingness to communicate has almost become imperative.

Contact Center Service

When effective, reliable communications is at the heart of your business, you need to know you have a solutions provider who provides update-to-date solutions with minimal downtime.

We believe that your contact center solution must incorporate safe, reliable call recording, quality assurance, and workforce management that is designed to improve first contact problem resolution, improving customer service, and driving customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention. Data operations and IT operations are different domains and require different toolsets, practices, and mindsets. We specialise in the design and implementation of a dedicated data operations environment to support advanced data analytics


Call recording – Customers can digitally record calls for quality assurance or verification purposes. Calls may be recorded full-time, by campaign, or on-demand

Quality assurance – Always allows administrators to easily conduct quality assurance on their agents by randomly selecting recordings to identify top and bottom performers and drive coaching activities – ensuring the best service.

Workforce management – Optimising resources and assigning the right resources with the right skills to the right job at the right time to meet demand.

User adoption – New technology is sometimes difficult to implement purely because managers fear their team will not be able to easily use the tools. That is why we offer comprehensive user adoption and change management services.

Data safety and privacy – Customers can have the peace of mind of knowing that their sensitive data will be secured and treated with care and due diligence.

Collaboration as a service

The flexibility, performance, and cost-saving potential of cloud computing technologies are shaking up the IT departments of countless large enterprises. +OneX is bringing those benefits to South African organisations. Built on the award-winning UC Server platform our Cloud offers you a flexible range of communications services ready to support your business with carrier-grade security and reliability. We help organisations identify the most appropriate data sets, methods of analysis and technologies to reduce the cost to operate and develop new data products.


Reduced Cost of Ownership – It is simple: pay less for your communications tools and services. Our Cloud Services allows you to eliminate the large capital investment that a new communications platform typically requires. Instead, you can precisely select what your business really needs and monitor your usage. In the end, your telephone and communications services become a reliable and predictable monthly utility. You pay only for what you use, significantly lowering your total cost of ownership.

Agile and Scalable – Whether your business is growing, or you are staying nimble to adapt to market changes, your communications system needs to keep up. With our Cloud Services, you get a solution that will enable you to Pay only for what you use.

Mobile – Considering that all your employees rarely stay in one place these days, it’s important to keep them connected and responsive wherever they are. Our Cloud allows users to control their communications and to access people the first time from virtually anywhere.

Services and Training

Our service portfolio offers a range of essential, professional, and managed services to securely deploy and manage effective solutions allowing you to focus on your people and your core business. To complement our services, we offer end-user and product training to provide your staff with the skills required to achieve the best results with our solutions.

Service offering

Managed services – Our Managed Services portfolio consists of consultancy, integration and managed communication services that are based on ITIL® standards and best practices. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that are designed using a modular approach which can be tailor made to meet your businesses specific, strategic, and operational needs. These solutions are specifically tailored for organisations  that may have a high dependency on communications, but for whom, communications provision and management may not be considered as part of their core business function.

Professional services – Our professional service offerings can help you in identifying the solutions that will enable your business to meet its commercial objectives while supporting users throughout the entire implementation process.

We help you do this by providing strategic guidance and consultancy during all stages in your planning process which includes finding, tailoring and custom designing the most appropriate technology and collaborations solutions to meet your specific business needs. By working hand in hand with your employees we aim to maximize the benefits that they receive while boosting their overall productivity, thus ensuring the total acceptance and adoption of new collaboration systems and technologies.

Training – We offer comprehensive end-user and product training programs that provide your staff with the necessary skills required to achieve the best results with our solutions.

Through our training offering you gain access to our skilled team of product managers and technical resources that allow you to obtain in-depth training on small, medium and large enterprise systems solutions.

User adoption – Our User Adoption Service is designed to help you to ensure the seamless adoption of new and novel communication technologies in a cost-effective and timely manner. Giving your staff the necessary skills that they need to fully utilise the various tools at their disposal.

We’d love to be your Plus One.