Code Capsules wanted to expand their deployment platform to a local cloud enabling their clients to deploy container-based code automatically in a VMWare vSphere platform.

The client

Code Capsules is a global platform as a service company focused on simplifying the way you deploy your code. Code Capsules will pull your code directly from your Github repository and build it inside the correct container.

Build, push, deploy and scale your apps on a fully managed Platform as a Service.


Partnering with +OneX

+OneX were able to provide their cloud as a platform to support the Code Capsules automated deployment process. This has resulted in Code Capsules now offering their Kubernetes-as-a-Service running on a VMWare vSphere platform in the +OneX vendor neutral cloud.

Improved latency and cost savings

Since implementing the +OneX Cloud Solution, hundreds of Code Capsules customers are now deploying locally in Sub-Saharan Africa, versus an EU or US based PaaS service, and have greatly benefitted from the improved latency and cost savings. Not only on the costs of hosting, but also thanks to the improved productivity benefits of the PaaS tool – allowing customers to deploy their full stack applications far quicker than manually setting up build servers and production environments.

In short adopting +OneX Cloud has meant that Code Capsules has benefitted significantly from increased revenue and decreased costs.

Code Capsules

Mikael von Ketelhodt

Founder of Code Capsules

“The entire team at +OneX are incredibly knowledgeable in many different aspects of cloud, from low-level virtualization, to high-level cloud architecture and best practices. Whenever there are any problems (if any) the support team handles it smoothly, reducing or eliminating down time. Code Capsules has benefitted the most from knowledge share, jointly building the continents cutting-edge vendor-neutral cloud and platform services.”