The +OneX Optimisation team works with your business to take you through the optimisation process of: Analyse, Identify, Mobilise, Monitor & Report.
Optimise Modernise Transform


+OneX uses a collaborative partnership approach to deliver a “road map” of optimisation initiatives as well as solutions based on consensus across the clients’ enterprise. Our experience has shown an unbiased independent objective view is often best equipped to facilitate sessions necessary to establish and achieve enterprise-wide goals and strategies.

The eventual outcome is transformation and modernization which is intended to move our clients to an agile, reliable, data-driven environment with solid strategies and clearly defined processes. The benefits of which include competitive advantage, enterprise-wide growth, and the ability to meet the demands of global markets. This will ensure your business changes efficiently and effectively in an agile and seamless manner. 


Optimisation as a Service

The program is a partnership to facilitate a simplified highly effective program of optimization across the enterprise. It is a specialised “One of a Kind” partnership, facilitating the road to Optimisation, Modernisation, and Transformation.


Skilled and experienced Project Office with scaling capabilities to suit any project requirements.

Squad Mobilisation

Resource pool for any skill requirement the client will need for short or long-term client managed placements.


We immerse ourselves into your business with proven methodologies and best industry practices. We expand our Optimisation Service offering and capability through our internal Subject Matter Experts and external partners.

+OneX Optimisations Partners


Optimisation as a Service

Optimization as a Service or ‘OaaS’ is a partnership to facilitate a simplified, highly effective program of optimization across an enterprise. The enabler is an ITIL4 based methodology used to identify and implement new modernized methods to make the business as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible. This enables organizations to gain benefits through streamlined operations, lower costs and increased agility during changing business conditions, resulting in continual IT & Business value realization and improved User & Customer experience.

Optimisation as a Service

Additional Optimisation Services

User Experience

Focusing on adapting technology solutions around the user and not designing technology for the user to adapt to. Create an immersive experience for users based on optimised IT services.

Business Value Realisation

Each IT department needs a specific set of capabilities that enable good business performance. Thus, a mature IT shall be relevant to the needs of the business, operate efficiently, and can flex to meet rapidly changing business requirements of various business units. Improving a level of maturity results in IT having many benefits to the organisation from a business value perspective, including but not limited to:

  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Improves employee and company productivity
  • Reduces spending
  • Minimises risk
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Improves visibility
  • Streamlines communications

Cost Optimisation

Traditionally IT costs are perceived to be high. With our approach of assessing, consolidating and rationalising IT services, we can identify opportunities to streamline existing services resulting in reduced IT costs that can be utilised further to sustain business.


We ensure our assessment is transparent for the three core areas; People, Process and Technology as a base for our reporting and enhancing the IT maturity level of the organisation.

Optimisation Benefits

Our focus is not only on modernization, but also to improve the efficiency of People, Process and Technology, supported by a measurable “Shift Left” approach. +OneX is identified as an Optimization partner and will drive a transformation program with your suppliers to become trusted partners with a strong mutually beneficial engagement.

The +OneX program will enable you to instil a culture of optimization, changing the landscape from a once off project to a future way of work, as well as providing a scalable Optimization and Automation platform to support the new way of work.

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