We co-create custom digital experiences that drive
real, measurable business value. We put you confidently on the road to what comes next in your business
growth while helping you build your team's talent and capability.
Software. Design. Teams.

Bespoke Software Development

We help our clients achieve measurable, tangible results. With the skills and capabilities to take on your entire project, we can make a measurable difference in driving your business forward. Choosing bespoke software development means that your product, app or website is made to your unique specifications. It guarantees that your idea comes to life powerfully, efficiently and ready to rapidly scale as you grow.
Cloud Services

Design (UX/UI)

We help companies reinvent or modernise existing digital platforms, products and experiences to move businesses forward. It's time to step into the future.

Web Apps

Build powerful and flexible web applications to help your users achieve their goals and drive more conversions and sales on your website. Whatever your user objectives we can help you build a customisable solution.

Mobile Apps

We have all the expertise you need to develop apps that are optimised for any mobile platform, fast and responsive.


Increase growth, conversions, and long-term customer loyalty with custom built scalable and reliable ecommerce platforms designed with your users in mind. We simplify the selling and buying process for your users.

Quality Assurance

We use consistent QA testing throughout the development project to ensure that we deliver the best quality solution possible.

Dev Ops

We use sophisticated dev ops to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

Our clients

Scale your tech team, with none<br/>of the hassle

Scale your tech team, with none
of the hassle

+OneX leases top-notch talent to companies, and takes care of everything else you don't have time for - from contracts and onboarding to tech roadmaps and project management.

How it works

Getting started

Getting started

The first step is to tell us what you are looking for and what your project is all about. We're driven by the detail, so lay it on us. Once we have done a thorough investigation into what you need we will recommend the best solution for your technical requirements.
Meet your +OneX'er

Meet your +OneX'er

We'll provide you with the options of the +OneX'ers who are best suited to join your team. Every profile you're presented with is already a proven performer. You interview your favourites to find out who is the best fit.
We do the details

We do the details

Once you've met your dream dev it's time to close the deal. We create a contract that is designed to be flexible to your needs. You can swap a resource based on the project flow, replace someone if needed, or scale up or down as your requirements change. The duration can be from one month to four years and you can cancel the contract with one month's notice.
Welcome to the team

Welcome to the team

We take care of onboarding, ensuring that your new team member is fully integrated into your engineering culture and processes. Our people work within your systems and take the lead directly from you. Now let's get to work!

Case studies

We help our clients achieve real, tangible results, driving businesses forward to make a measurable difference. Here are just a few of the most frequent successes.

Let’s talk

Are you ready to discover how our cloud engineering solutions can benefit your business? Contact us to discuss your needs.
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