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Security Services

+OneX Security enables customers to confidently embrace network and application transformation while adhering to strict identity, access and security controls for your network, your applications and your users.

Designed with a transformation mindset, +OneX Security delivers future proof security solutions which are closely aligned to Cloud and increasing user mobility.

Cloud Security

Transform your security to underpin your network and application transformation

With applications being delivered from the Cloud and users becoming increasingly mobile, organisations need to shift security controls from the network to the user. Deliver enterprise grade security to your workforce irrespective of device, location or network with cloud based security solutions.


Transformation – leveraging Cloud-first strategies will assist customers envision, architect and deploy their network and application based transformation strategies. Cloud security inherently adapts and infinitely scales to all modern network and application approaches.

Mobility – uplifting security process into the Cloud allows the extension of enterprise security beyond the boundaries of a traditional network. Adaptive security that follows the user.

Multi-Cloud Security – provides consolidated and real time security insights across all cloud based resources to accelerate prevention, detection, response and investigation.

Managed Cloud Security – leverages certified security engineers and AI systems to manage, alert and monitor all your cloud security controls.

Network Security

Companies are simultaneously investigating new security solutions and architectures while maintaining legacy technology choices. +OneX is ideally positioned to help customers in their journey by managing the old and positioning for the new.

Access to industry leading security professionals to architect, build, manage and deploy security controls. Protect your network, data, applications and users while enhancing user identity and access management for both network and cloud architectures.


Managed Services – deploys, manages and scales network based security in your DC and private Cloud networks (VPC), leveraging the leading global security vendors.

Perimeter Security – delivering and managing traditional network security appliances and access control. Consulting on obsolescence protection. Eliminate security gaps.

Application Access – delivers a Zero Trust framework that improves user experience, delivers sophisticated segmentation and access control to applications whilst improving visibility.

Email and Internet Security – protects organisations from attacks targeted at soft targets – your users. Protect your users from phishing, software exploits and ransomware attacks.

End-point security

While security has been firmly rooted in the network for the last decade, increasing mobility requires organisations to shift security and application access from the network to the end-point.

With increasing mobility, companies need improved ways of securing users and remote business application access. We work with new age architectures in delivering true Zero Trust solutions regardless of location, device or network.

Efficient operating system security patch deployment and management.


Modern Enterprise Security – delivers customers a consistent security posture for users regardless of their location or the network they connect from.

End-Point Protection – delivering leading end-point security to one of the most vulnerable parts of a organisations security, the user.

IAM and MFA – ensures strict user verification and validation related not only to the user credential and IDP, but also end-point, location or network. 

Disaster recovery – ensures a secure and always-on access to primary and secondary applications regardless of user location or network. Seamless access to any application in DC, DR and Cloud.

Email Security

Historically, email security was provided by a secure email gateway, a classic email perimeter strategy to keep bad emails out of your organization’s mailboxes. Given how the threat landscape has changed, security professionals need a strategy that extends beyond traditional perimeter-oriented defenses to provide a multi-zoned, integrated approach.

Build a complete cyber resilience for email strategy by enhancing Mimecast’s Email 3.0 protections with Continuity and Sync & Recover capabilities. You can eliminate email downtime, recover quickly after an attack, and ensure critical data is never lost.

Defence (Commercial & Enterprise)

Perimeter Defense

Secure Email Gateway

Targeted Threat Protection


Safeguard your organization against the #1 attack channel.

Prevents financial loss and the exposure of sensitive or proprietary information.

Reduces complexity and administrator.

Comprehensive Defense

Internal Email Protect

Awareness Training


Adds protection for inside your network and organization.

Prevents the lateral and external spread of threats.

Makes end-users security assets, not liabilities.

Reduces cyber risk with targeted training for the employees who need it most.

Pervasive Defense

DMARC Analyzer

Brand Exploit Protect


Extends protection beyond the perimeter.

Stops attackers from destroying your brand.

Constantly scans for website and domain impersonation.

Rapidly takes down web sites mimicking your brand.

Leverages DMARC standard to safeguard emails from your legitimate domains.

Cyber Resilience (Commercial & Enterprise)

Cyber Resilience Foundations

Secure Email Gateway

Targeted Threat Protection

Internal Email Protect

Awareness Training


Sync & Recover


Safeguards your organization against threats from the number one attack channel.

Prevents the lateral and external spread of threats.

Reduces cyber risk with targeted training for the employees who need it most – and turns end users into a security asset.

Maintains productivity during cyber disruption.

Quickly recover and prevent data loss.

Cyber Resilience Pro

Secure Messaging

Web Security

Large File Send

Privacy Pack

99 Year Archive


Integrated email and web security.

Protects all web traffic on and off your network.

Prevents shadow IT with full visibility and control of cloud app use, and an alternative to file sharing sites.

Encryption and DLP capabilities to protect sensitive content.

Comprehensive compliance and data governance.

Rapid response to litigation with e-discovery and case review.

Preserves the data you need with item level and mailbox legal hold.

Defence (Small Business)


Secure Email Gateway

Targeted Threat Protection

Internal Email Protect

Awareness Training


Safeguard your organization against the #1 attack channel.

Prevent financial and loss of sensitive or proprietary information.

Prevent the lateral and external spread of threats.

Improve employee security awareness.



Sync & Recover

Web Security

Large File Send & Secure Messaging


Cyber resilience and protection across multiple channels

Integrated protection for web and email.

Maintain productivity during cyber disruption.

Quickly restore mailboxes.

Shield sensitive information sent to external recipients.


99 Year Archive


Early Case Assessment

Extended Retention

Integrated Security and Archive


Reduce complexity and administrator time.

Respond quickly to litigation and compliance information requests.

Slash third-party costs with in-house identification, preservation, collection, and review.

Preserve the data you need with item level and mailbox legal hold.

Rapid end user search.

Extend security protection to archiving to protect against latent threats.

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