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Managed Services

+OneX Managed Services is not a technology offering, but an elastic business model. Our new-age Managed Services have been designed and purpose-built from our client’s perspectives, backwards. With every organisation at an inflection point of needing to transform into a digital business and the proliferation of ABCD (AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Data Analytics) technologies, the impetus for IT consumption to move towards an As-A-Service model is becoming an economic dichotomy between surviving or thriving. We’ve remodelled the concept of Managed Services from the ground up, to complement your business and IT strategy, incorporating the agility to pivot and respond to exponential change, while ensuring our operation and delivery model is simple, transparent and consumption-based, removing the complexities of traditional MSP’s.

User Experience Centre

Our User Experience Hub is the core from where we monitor, manage and control all customer services, putting the user’s needs at the heart of it.

The +OneX Hub is directed by an ITIL aligned Service Management Team engaged with both the USERS and BUSINESS ensuring how and what is delivered enabling users to meet their business objectives. Success is achieved through 3 primary service zones; User Experience Management, Automation Enablement and Analytics & Value Data Services.


IT / Business Objective Alignment – User experience management delivers a highly personalised interaction between user and business IT and OT.

Central Control & Monitoring – Monitoring activities with a single view into user experiences and business services driven through extensive access to data and enhanced correlation/re-presentation capabilities.

Value through Automation – Repetitive Task execution enabled by AI, Automation, Robotics and intelligent Workflow Management. Higher production rates and increase productive, more efficient use of resources, better product quality, improved safety and reduced direct labour costs and infrastructure expenses.

Value Data – Extensive data mining, analytics and knowledge management capabilities feeding self-service, predictive support, autonomous execution and machine learning.

User Centric and Personalised – Improved user experience through personalization leads to better productivity. Considering the increased productivity over the collective number of users, the financial impact is readily apparent – and substantial.

Workspace of the Future

The right digital tools connect and support employees, wherever they are, to encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration.

Workspace digitization, taking into account Fourth Industrial Revolution, is the focus on which we build our Work Space of the Future strategy. Both digital and physical transformation of the workplace encourages greater productivity, quality and flexibility in employees. Our approach to the successful workspace of the future will be one which meets the needs of your users, while creating a space in which they want to be part of (Customer Experience) and create value to the business at the same time.


Digital Enabled Smart Field Services – expand field service staff capabilities through digital enablement across multiple technical disciplines. With the proliferation of IoT devices, field engineers must be equipped to support across technologies.

Advanced GIS Workforce Management –effective scheduling of resources ensures that appropriately skilled engineers are dispatched with the necessary equipment.

Effective Collaboration – connect and access key content & people from anywhere using mobile devices. Share, Develop and communicate ideas efficiently across locations.

Cost Saving – Reduced IT complexity and only pay for what you use.

Modern Tooling – Augmented reality and digital tooling will enable support staff and users to be assisted remotely and/or digitally. Decision makers have real-time dashboards, for their entire value chain, at their fingertips, that enable them to make better and more informed decisions.

Managed Security Services

The managed security service provides 24/7 security monitoring powered by big data analytics, enabling strategic insights needed to prioritize and respond to critical incidents. It lays the foundation for organizations to build the strategies required to protect their assets, reputation, and viability.

Increasingly organizations are required to better predict, detect, and respond to cyber threats and attacks. +OneX provides an integrated managed security service ensuring a consistent and seamless security posture across the technology stack. Threat monitoring coupled with dynamic machine learning analytics and threat intelligence correlation, provides a single view into suspicious and confirmed threat activity across your environment.


Deployment of the latest security equipment – enabling rapid response to security threats on 24/7.

Subscription based – SECaaS solutions provide a flexible model that scales with your security needs.

Faster threat response – with 24/7 monitoring and alerting by using SIEM to collect and aggregate security logging data captured from all devices that fall under the security management domain.

Access – to highly skilled security experts.

Adherence to regulatory standards – and best practices ensuring alignment with security policy.


Is your IT department operating as a business unit that assists the organization and its users in leveraging commoditized IT services in line with organizational goals?

ITaaS gives enterprise businesses the flexibility to choose the different types of services they need when they need them. Select from a catalogue of IT products, tools, and technologies for an enhanced experience with more flexibility in how you consume and pay for your IT.


Scalability – ITaaS enables companies to provision and pay for only the IT capacity needed. Your costs should be scaling up or down with your business requirements.

Cost savings – the pay-as-you-use-IT model results in companies only paying for actual consumption.

Transparency – using a consumption-based IT model gives the organization greater insight into where, when, and how IT services are used.

Simplicity – IT teams typically spend inordinate amounts of time on mundane tasks and solving operability problems, especially in increasingly complex infrastructure environments.

Enterprise Service Management 

Investments in IT should be effectively harnessed to boost operational efficiencies at very little added cost.

+OneX will assist in applying a service-oriented business model to the way your organization works internally, unlocking your investment in IT service management across all your organizations service functions from HR to Facilities. If your organization has already invested in AI, analytics and IT service management automation, ESM is the next logical step.


Achieve operational visibility – ESM lets you see the value that each department adds to the business giving you a map of where value is created in your organization.

Support better governance – with improved visibility of operations, it’s easier to govern departments alignment with strategic objectives.

Reduce technology costs – Enterprise-wide technology programs present an opportunity to leverage economies of scale.

Business alignment – By providing clarity on which internal services business functions provide for each other it is easier to align services provided with demand from other departments.

Functional excellence – ESM streamlines the process of managing and executing internal business service requests, creating greater efficiency across all service domains.

We’d love to be your Plus One.