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+OneX Brand Story

+OneX  is a brand founded with a long-term goal to have a legacy of leaving every situation in a better state than how it was originally.  In a social situation a +one is an additional guest you take along with you to an event; however, in a business setting a +one is an associate or partner who will travel a journey with you to solve problems.


We at +OneX have developed an ethos and a structure built for success. We have the personality to build a legacy, with value that encapsulates our long-term vision and provides enduring value for all people.

This legacy will not be defined by one story or by +OneX alone, but will rather transcend multiple chapters and stories of the actions and achievements of our partnerships. These stories will not describe the success of +OneX but rather of the successes that our friends’ and partners enjoy along this journey that we will undertake. 

At the end of the day what we genuinely believe in, is pursuing connections. It is these connections between like-minded individuals and businesses that will work together to help provide opportunities for others to improve their current situations and prosper.

Connecting people and technology to achieve…

We’d love to be your Plus One.