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Data Services

+OneX Data Solutions partners with you to identify the data that matters most to your strategic and operational objectives. We then implement best methods of automated analysis to extract maximum value on a sustained basis.

Advanced Data Analytics

Data professionals, industry domain experts and cloud technologies providing contextual analytics that simplifies decision-making

The rapidly transforming world of data analytics is a potential minefield for enterprises. We focus on appropriate tools, cloud technology and analytics best practice to help you create viable data products.


Actionable Data Products end-to-end data product development and operationalisation.

Confidence and Trust – automated controls and checks for end-to-end data integrity, security and accuracy. Using the DMBOK and industry frameworks to build automated data governance, assurance and security.

Simplification – Data as a Service where in house operational analytics or a data science practice is not justifiable.

Data Operations

We design and implement data operations and management systems including technologies, toolsets and practices

Data operations and IT operations are different domains and require different toolsets, practices and mind-sets. We specialise in the design and implementation of a dedicated data operations environment to support advanced data analytics


Elastic computing –  cloud computing and workflow management for collection, processing and analysis.

End-to-end data capability – comprehensively engineered data environments and pipelines.

Data Operations as a Service data oriented outsource services for continuous value optimisation.

Data Monetisation

There are two paths to data monetisation. One is focused on internal optimisation, and the second, on creating new revenue streams through partner ecosystems

We help organisations to identify the most appropriate data sets, methods of analysis and  technologies to reduce the cost to operate and develop new data products.


Simplification –  a business model and data governance framework that enables digital innovation and organisational agility through the adoption of advanced data analytics.

Paths to value   data science driven, scalable technology frameworks and roadmaps for the collection, processing, analysing and presentation of data within the digital economy business context.

Proof of Value – Understanding the risks and advantages of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence deployments for strategic decision making.

Operating model


We have adopted an end-to-end cloud-based data management and analytics mode of operation. This enables us to harness the exponential capabilities of cloud-based tools and applications for storage, workflow, processing and analysis of large, complex data sets.

Use-case Driven

Our speciality is data analysis and management in the Telecoms, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Health, Education and Public Safety sectors. We build uses-cases that enable and support the digital journeys of private and public sector enterprises.


Our team of domain experts is underpinned by a contracted network of academic, industry and delivery partners allowing us to scale and offer services globally. This includes managed services for data operations and advanced data analytics.

We’d love to be your Plus One.