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Meet the +OneX Team


We founded +OneX to “create opportunities” for people to love their work and enjoy what they do for our clients and ultimately to improve people’s lives.  Our people are passionate about what they do and are obsessed about executing excellence for our clients 

We have created a long-term sustainable model for our people through our +OneX mentorship program. Our organisation continues to add to people’s lives and hence the +one in our name.  All our people have the X factor in our organisation to make a difference and create further opportunities.

The +OneX team.


Not the management team.

Why not the management team?

We believe that, as one of our core elements states, we lead without titles. Everyone that is a part of +OneX is a leader and is able to make decisions to enable our clients success. 

Meet the +OneX team members

We’d love to be your Plus One.