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Cloud Services

+OneX Cloud services are pervasive through all we do. We don’t see cloud as a product, but as a business-model. Our eco-system of partners stretch across the public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP) and private/hosted cloud (VMware/RedHat/Linux/Opensource), creating a technology-agnostic approach that is solution-led, tailored to our clients best interests.

This is underpinned by our simple to-use digital platform that provides a customised self-help interface with real-time transparency of our clients’ environments as well as their current services running.

Cloud Migration Enablement

Cloud is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but a ‘must-have’ in our digital economy.

We’ll help you move to the public or private cloud in an accelerated approach. We’ll advise you how to get there (roadmap), define your ROI (Cost in Cloud vs On-Prem), create your new cloud strategy (Hybrid/Multi-Cloud) and quantify the business benefits and opportunities to unlock further value.


Optimise operational costs – the elasticity in cloud architectures and infrastructure enable businesses to scale up or down based on resource demand, minimising inefficiencies.

Enables remote operability – You’re able to build and manage widely distributed development teams remotely accessing applications and collaborating on your projects in real-time.

Decreases time to market – migrating to the cloud enable organisation to reduce software release cycles and speed up the delivery of IT projects critical to revenue.

Embrace an open-ecosystem – with the open integration that cloud platforms provide, businesses are able to collaborate across their digital resources available in innovative ways, that would have not previously been possible.

Application Cloudification

A clearly articulated digital strategy is critical to ensure that DELIBERATE action is taken to achieve a STRATEGIC GOAL

Our certified cloud engineers and developers will not only optimise and modernise your legacy applications, but are able to design, build and productionise cloud-native applications using the latest methodologies such as containers, hybrid kubernetes/Docker, serverless, etc and tools to address your business needs.


Optimise legacy applications – improve efficiencies of legacy applications while curbing costs.

Speed up time-to-market – by architecting applications with CI/CD pipelines and adopting containers for true application portability as well as efficiency, software release cycles are reduced.

Embrace an Agile way of work – incorporating Agile techniques such as Sprints and product backlogs enables continuous exploration and innovation.

Improve quality of software – microservice architectures enable decoupling of services and testing asynchronously at all stages resulting in improved code quality.

Cloud Managed Services

A service that takes care of it all, managing cloud security, computing, storage, network operations, application stacks, and more, allowing clients to devote more time to their business.

You’re in the cloud, now what? Our pre-packaged next-gen managed services will take away all the administrative operational, governance, ISO compliance, ITSM and security tasks, allowing you to focus on your critical business operations and developments.


Avoid High Infrastructure Costs – leverage robust network infrastructure without purchasing expensive capital assets. Businesses are able to reduce or refocus IT staff reducing in further cost savings.

Focus on critical business operations – allows your employee’s to focus on business critical decisions and projects by reattributing their time from platform and datacentre administrative, operational and security checks.

Predictability with a team of experts – with a focused team of cloud engineers who are well-versed with the latest trends and demands, you have peace of mind that your cloud environment is well supported at a fraction of the cost .

Disaster recovery covered – disaster recovery as-a-service is baked into the managed service ensuring your entire environment is always backed-up.

We’d love to be your Plus One.